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"Massive Change Starts with a Leap of Faith"

Empower2themax Services

Empower2themax is a Brisbane counselling and Brisbane Weight loss specialists business that provides Counselling, Nutrition and Personal Training specialising in Weight Loss and Total Health and Wellness for both individuals and Corporate clients in Australia and Japan. Our wide range of Counselling, Nutrition and Personal Training qualifications, experience and expertise allow us to support our Brisbane Weight loss clients in achieving exceptional results in both their personal and professional lives.  Empower2themax offers counselling, personal training, belief modification and body fat loss techniques.  With our solutions-focused strategies and programs designed and facilitated using our unique, down-to-earth and simplistic approach, Empower2themax can effectively assist you in making positive changes in your life or your business.

Brisbane Counselling Services

Our Empower2themax qualified team of Brisbane based professional counsellors, Nutritionists and personal trainers, provide skills and techniques for their clients with realistic strategies in the areas of personal growth and general health & well-being, whether your goals be around relationship problems, conflict resolution, your marriage falling apart, parenting issues, family or reducing the effects of depression and low self esteem our Brisbane counsellors will teach you the skills today to positively affect all of your tomorrows. Our workshops and courses will make the difference you are looking for.

Brisbane Weight Loss Specialists

Empower2themax provides a unique style of weight loss help in Brisbane. With our years of experience with mindset management and belief modification, we are able to help you overcome your past excuses and failures aiding you in meeting your health and fitness goals and sustaining your achievements.  One of our commitments to our Brisbane body fat loss clients is to educate them on the facts about health and fitness and the importance of the best diet, thereby making their new lifestyle changes permanent and ensuring their fitness goals.

Remote Site Health & Wellness

Empower2themax provides Clients from the Energy industry with Health, Fitness and Nutrition advice positively affecting your workforce. All of our results-driven programs are uniquely designed and are soon adopted both professionally and personally by those workers we interact with on remote sites throughout Australia.   We provide gymnasiums, apparatus, professional staff, event management and catering nutrition advice.